Language does matter because what we say and the way we say it reflects something of who we are. Language is powerful in worship because we use language to communicate with God and express our understanding of God. Language therefore requires care and attention so that as much as possible language is not a barrier to relating with each other and God in worship.

Language Matters was originally prepared by the Women’s Ministry Task Group and endorsed by the Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide in 2007 and so became policy of the Diocese. This updated version of the guide was endorsed by the Diocesan Council in November 2017 and reflects something of the journey the Diocese has been on with respect to language as it is used in worship.

The nature of our mission means we want as many people as possible to be included in worship of God and so to remove barriers where we can is very important. Paying attention to the effect of language goes beyond personal preference and becomes an opportunity for welcome and inclusion. I encourage use of this guide by those who are preparing worship so that we are able to communicate the love of God and provide worship opportunities which are appropriate to the context of our contemporary society.

+Geoffrey Adelaide
November 2017